Memli KrasniqiMinister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development in the Government of the Republic of Kosovo

MemliKrasniqi was born in Prishtina in 1980, where he finished the "HasanPrishtina" primary school and the "XhevdetDoda" gymnasium. He graduated with a BA in Political Science and Public Administration in the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Prishtina and obtained a MSc degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

In years 1999 - 2000 he worked as a journalist for the American news agency Associated Press and in 2002 he served as a Director for Public Relations at the Telemedicine Centre of Kosovo.

For many years he was active in the music industry and worked in different musical projects, mostly as a songwriter and as a member of the band "RitmiiRrugës".
From 2004 he was actively engaged in the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), initially leading the Centre for Political Studies within the cabinet of the Chairman of the party, Mr. HashimThaçi.

Upon the establishment of PDK's Cabinet for Good Governance, Krasniqi was appointed to lead the Department of Youth and in October 2006 he was elected the Chairman of the Democratic Youth of Kosovo - the youth organization of PDK that represents its members aged 16-30. From this position, he was also a member of the Presidency of PDK. In February 2013, Krasniqi was elected Vice-President of PDK for Organizational and Youth Issues.

From the academic year 2006/2007, for several semesters he has lectured subjects in the field of international relations at the Victory College and at the Iliria College. Krasniqi is a member of the American Political Science Association and a member of British International Studies Association.

In the 2007 parliamentary elections, MemliKrasniqi was elected a Member of Parliament in the Parliament of Kosovo and served as a member in the Committee for Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sports. In October 2008 he was appointed a Political Adviser to the Prime Minister and Spokesperson of the Government.

Krasniqi was re-elected to the Parliament of Kosovo in the 2010 parliamentary elections and was appointed Minister in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in February 2011. He was re-elected again in the 2014 parliamentary elections and was appointed Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development in December 2014.

Memli Krasniqi lives in Prishtina with his wife Meliza and children Bora, Mali and Vera.

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