Minister Mustafa discussed with the EC’s representatives for development in agriculture sector


Prishtine, 08 May 2020 – Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Besian Mustafa today has developed a video conference with the EC’s representatives, Director of the Pre – accession Assistance Unit, Liam Breslin and Deputy Director of the Pre – accession Assistance Unit, Marius Lazdinis where they discussed about general developments in the agriculture sector in country, the challenges of sector as a result of pandemic COVID -19 and supportive projects to the sector in Kosovo. 
Minister Mustafa during this video conference, has informed the representatives of EC about  objectives and priorities of the MAFRD during this mandate “emphasizing the improvement of governance, efficiency and transparency in the Agriculture Development Agency to prepare for accreditation according to the EU standards” he expressed.

On the other hand, he thanked the European Commission for continued support given for different sectors in Kosovo, including agriculture and reconfirmed its willing that this cooperation to continue further on between two institutions.

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