Administrative Instructions

ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA -NO. 24/2006 FOR HUAMNILY ANIMAL SLAUGHTER 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 35/2006 ON LAND CONSOLIDATION 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA - NO. 12/2006 FOR CONTENT AND THE COMPILATION WAY ON KOSOVO FORESTS MANAGEMENT PLAN 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-N0.04/2006 For then amendment and change of Administration Instruction MA-No.13/05 On the licence of subjects for repacking of artificial fertlizer 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 32/2006 ON ESTABLISHING THE FEES FOR VETERINARY MEDICINAL PRODUCTS 28.01.2006ADMISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 09/2006 FOR THE WAY AND PROCEDURES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT AND REGISTRATION OF IRRIGATION ASSOCIATIONS 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 29/2006 ON ESTABLISHING THE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE FOR EVALUATION OF VETERINARY MEDICINAL PRODUCTS 28.01.2006Administrative Instruction MA - NO. 01/2006 For certification of Slaughterhouses, Meat Processing Plants and their Inspection 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 41/2006 ON CHANGE OF USE OF AGRICULTURAL LAND 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 19/2006 For placing living animals in quarantine 28.01.2006ADMISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 06/2006 For the Registration and License of the Cultivator of the Grape, Producers and Processors of Vine 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA . NO 26/2006 ON MARKETING AUTHORIZATION OF VETERINARY MEDICINAL PRODUCTS PLACED IN KOSOVO 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 37/2006 ON PROTECTION OF AGRICULTURAL LAND FROM EROSION 28.01.2006Administrative Instruction MA-No 14 / 2006 On fixing the Maximum Residue Limits 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 22/2006 For the keeping Evidence of the Animal Herd Book 28.01.2006 ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA. NO 34/2006 FOR PREVENTION, CONTROL AND ERADICATION OF TSE DISEASE IN KOSOVO28.01.2006 ADMISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 11/2006 For the Definition of the Criteria for the Taking of Samples and Vine Assessment 28.01.2006ADMISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 03/2006 FOR THE AUTHORIZATIONS AND COMPETENCES OF FORESTS INSPECTIONS AND PROCEDURES OF ISSUING DECISIONS 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 31/2006 FOR TRANSPORT OF ANIMALS 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 08/2006 For the Establishment of Permanent Commission for the Animal Feed 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 28/20006 ON CONTROL AND ERADICATION OF BLUE TOUNGE DISEASE 28.01.2006FOR WORKING ORGANIZATION, COMPETENCES, THE WAY OF PLACEMENT BODIES AND THE COMMITTEE OF THE WATER USERS ASSOCIATION FEDERATION28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA - NO. 16/2006 On determining of the fees for phytosanitary Inspection in the Border Inspection points 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 25 /2006 On reporting of activities of licensed private veterinary practiocioners General Provisions 28.01.2006 ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 36/2006 ON RE-CULTIVATION OF AGRICULTURAL LAND 28.01.2006 ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-No 13/2006 Of compensation altitude for obligatory Veterinary Health Inspection , in the Kosovos Boundary Inspection Posts 28.01.2006ADMISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 05/2006 For designation of the authorised institution for the conduction of the analyses searches and the evaluation of vines of Kosovo 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 20/2006 QUALITY STANDARDS AND GRADE OF FRESH MILK 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA - NO.33/2006 ON MEASURES FOR THE CONTROL OF CLASSICAL SWINE FEVER28.01.2006ADMISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 10/2006 For the Artificial Fertilizers Quality 28.01.2006ADMISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 02/06 Raw materials of the animals compound feed General provisions 28.01.2006ADMISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA No. 07/2006 For the Establishment of Permanent Commission for the Breeding Animals 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION, MA NO.27/2006 ON CONTROL, PREVENTION AND ERADICATION OF FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE IN KOSOVO 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 38/ 2006 ON FERTILITY CONTROL OF AGRICULTURAL LAND 28.01.2006ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA N0. 15/2006 ON STANDARDS AND CONDITIONS FOR LICENSING PROCESSORS OF WOOD PRODUCTS 28.01.2006
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